The Chris O’Leary Band is headed to Canada this month! The moment the band drives across the border, they can call themselves an International band! Unfortunately, more often than not, the band gets caught in the gears of everyday life and forgets to do a reality check!

As a bit of an outsider looking in, here is a reality check: Keep dreaming because you are on your way with an amazing new CD ready to pop, a first international gig in June followed closely by a gig in Ireland and Switzerland.

Obviously their  musical skills as a band have a lot to do with this success, but we also have to stop to thank Road Dawg Touring Company. Thank you Doug and thank you Debbie. We know it was no easy task gathering all the necessary paperwork to get Canada to let them in…musicians are a squirmy lot, but just think how prepared we are now for Europe!

For all of you fans that are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the next CD, the wait is almost over: Waiting for the Phone to Ring will be released on June 26th.

While the first CD, Mr. Used to Be, catapulted the band into the forefront of the blues world and brought them well-deserved recognition, this new CD proves that The Chris O’Leary Band can follow an award-winning first CD with a second CD that confirms the band’s evolution and musical ability. The reviewer who said “this is a band to watch out for” was right.

Please  check out the band’s gig dates and come buy a new CD in person. If you can’t wait for the band to play at a venue near you, go to Amazon or iTunes to buy a copy.