We’re heading out this Tuesday for a series of shows across western NY and down into PA and OH: Treasure Lake Ski Lodge (6/9 Dubois, PA), Sportsmens Tavern (6/10 Buffalo, NY), That Other Place (6/11 Corning, NY), Moondog’s (6/12 Pittsburgh, PA), and the Court Street Grille (6/13 Pomeroy, OH). Complete details are on our website at thechrisolearyband.net/calendar. Come on out and see us if you’re in the area, we’ve got lots of new music for you!

We’re starting our run to Florida, and our first stop tonight will be at Jonathan’s Landing in Magnolia, Delaware. We’ve got gigs lined up in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington DC, in addition to a wide range of Florida locations for the next couple of weeks. Come on out and see us if we’re in your neighborhood! It’s gonna be a whole mess o’ fun. See our full calendar listing on our website for dates and details.

That’s how Rainey Wetnight sums up our live album, Live at Blues Now, in her review in the latest issue of BluesBlast Magazine. Here’s the full review:

February is the time for the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day, and Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras is fast approaching, and a great way to celebrate it is by grooving to feisty New Orleans blues by New York’s Chris O’Leary Band. According to their promotional info sheet, “In March 2014, the Chris O’Leary Band traveled to Basel, Switzerland to perform at the prestigious BLUES NOW! concert series. Joining the band as a special guest was renowned blues guitarist Alex Schultz. Schultz’s storied musical career includes long associations with blues harmonica players William Clarke, Rod Piazza and Lester Butler….” With that said, Chris O’Leary is destined to join the ranks of these hallowed harp masters. In his band’s concert set of twelve songs – eleven originals and one cover – they set Switzerland’s blues-cravers on fire!

Alongside O’Leary on vocals and harmonica are Chris Vitarello on guitar, Andy Stahl on tenor saxophone, Chris DiFrancesco on baritone sax, Matt Raymond on upright and electric bass, and Jay Devlin on drums. As mentioned earlier, guitarist Alex Schultz lends his electric expertise. Together they play high-voltage ensemble blues that takes no prisoners, powerfully combining the influences of the Windy City, Memphis, and the “Big Easy”. Of their original numbers, these three are proof that worldwide blues fans will love them just as much as the Swiss did.

Track 01: “Give It” – The band’s opener is a gritty blues-rock ballad featuring a shady narrator: “Well, you ain’t got no money. I can’t hold down no job. If you would be my honey, well, I’d beg, steal and rob. Give it to me, baby!” The guitar solo in the middle is a five-alarm inferno, as are Chris O’Leary’s vocals and harmonica.

Track 05: “Water’s Risin’” – BLUES NOW!’s crowd claps along to track five, a warning of stormy weather when it comes to romance: “I hope you can swim, honey – our relationship might sink.” The best part of this song is the infectious background chorus of “Water’s risin’, taking on water….” Once again, the mid-song fretwork is fabulous.

Track 08: “Blues is a Woman” – With a slow-burning, Stevie Ray Vaughan-style guitar intro, number eight is blues as pure as Swiss mountain air. “Blues is a woman, and she don’t mean me no good. She never does like she ought to, no, that woman never does just like she should.” Every concert contains at least one selection that’s perfect for slow dancing, and this is IT.

The band’s promotional material reveals: “Chris O’Leary has put in his time on the front lines – as U.S. Marine Corps infantry squad leader, and seven years as singer, harp player, and front man for Levon Helm’s Barn Burners.”

With its considerable instrumental talent, vivacious energy, and award credentials, this terrific ensemble will make Mardi Gras last all year long!

Rainey Wetnight, BluesBlast Magazine, Issue 9-7, February 12, 2015